15 Best Productivity Tools for Accountants

You can have the best accountants in your bullpen, but productivity is bound to suffer if they’re disorganized or struggling to get on the same page with other team members. Thankfully, there are a variety of productivity tools for accountants that can help your staff streamline their workflows and maximize efficiency.  Ready to prime your team to be more fluid and effective in their jobs? Check out these 15 top-notch tools for accountants every manager should consider to optimize business results.


HUB Analytics 

HUB Analytics is invaluable for accountants and firms, offering customizable KPIs and goal tracking within its financial software. It empowers professionals to monitor performance, align strategies, and make informed decisions for optimized financial management and client satisfaction.  In the right hands, HUB Analytics can save your accounting staff (and your business) time, money, and costly errors. If you don’t already have this in your arsenal of productivity tools for accountants – get it – because it can revolutionize how you mine and analyze your business data.


Trello is a robust and flexible project management tool that enables accountants to organize tasks, track progress, and collaborate with team members effectively. Its visual interface and customizable boards make it simple to access multiple projects simultaneously.


As a communication hub, Slack facilitates seamless collaboration among different teams in your business. With channels, direct messaging, and file-sharing capabilities, accountants can communicate effortlessly and stay connected in the office or remotely.

Google Workspace

Formerly G Suite, Google Workspace offers a suite of productivity tools, including Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. These cloud-based applications enable real-time collaboration and document sharing, essential for remote teams and virtual collaboration.


In the era of remote work, Zoom has become a staple for virtual meetings and client consultations. Its reliable video conferencing capabilities and screen-sharing features make it easy for accountants to connect with clients and colleagues from anywhere.


This powerful note-taking app helps accountants stay organized and capture important information. Its robust search functionality and cross-device synchronization ensure that accountants can access their notes whenever they need them.


Todoist is a versatile task management app that allows your accounting team members to organize their to-do lists and prioritize tasks effectively. With features like due dates, recurring tasks, and project labels, Todoist helps accountants stay focused and on track.

Microsoft Teams

If you’re looking for productivity tools for accountants that encourage comprehensive communication and collaboration, Microsoft Teams might be your answer. From group chats to video calls and document sharing, Teams provides everything accountants need to work together efficiently.


This flexible project management tool enables accountants to plan, organize, and track their work. It has an intuitive interface, and the customizable workflows make it effortless for accountants to manage projects, whether they be big or small.


RescueTime is a time-tracking tool that helps accountants track their productivity and identify areas that might need improvement. By tracking time spent on various tasks and activities, accountants can optimize their workflow and focus on high-priority tasks.


Dropbox is a reliable file storage and sharing solution for accountants. Its secure cloud-based platform and seamless integration with other productivity tools make it easy for accountants to access, co-edit, contribute and leave comments on documents from anywhere.


Grammarly is a writing assistant tool that helps accountants ensure their communications are clear, concise, and error-free. Grammarly is also a great tool for maintaining a professional image, as it sharpens correspondence by checking for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.


Clockify is a lightweight yet effective time-tracking app that monitors billable hours and tracks time spent on various tasks and projects. With detailed reports and analytics, Clockify provides valuable insights into productivity and performance.


This productivity tool helps your accounting staff brainstorm ideas, plan projects, and visualize workflows. It is quite user-friendly, and its customizable templates make it easy for workers to organize their thoughts and collaborate with other team members.


A productivity app, Forest puts the brakes on distractions.  It helps users stay focused on their work in a fun and engaging way. By planting virtual trees and avoiding phone use during work sessions, Forest encourages accountants to stay focused and productive throughout the day.


So, in the final analysis, what tools do accountants use, and which tool is best? Our answer would be the most robust, scalable, and versatile tool available.  That’s why we’re encouraging you to take your financial management to the next level by considering incorporating HUB Analytics into your accounting platform. Start maximizing your efficiency and achieving your financial goals today by scheduling a demo with HUB Analytics. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to streamline your workflow and elevate your accounting game!