What is a Data Diagnostic?

Introducing our revolutionary Data Diagnostic Tool – the ultimate solution for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of your financial records
Utilizing an advanced 150-point check system, our tool meticulously scans your accounting entries for any potential errors or inconsistencies. From small businesses to large corporations, this powerful tool is designed to safeguard against costly mistakes, ensuring your financial data aligns perfectly with established accounting standards. Embrace peace of mind knowing your accounting is error-free and fully compliant. Upgrade your financial management today with our innovative diagnostic tool and steer your business toward financial excellence with confidence!

“Bad data in, bad decision out. Let’s catch your mistakes.” 

How does it work?

Powered by advanced AI technology, our data diagnostic tool meticulously scans your accounting software for 150 critical data points, aligning them with our comprehensive audit standards. Without altering a single thing, it pinpoints discrepancies and irregularities, acting as your watchful eye. If any issues are detected, a red flag notification swiftly arrives in your HUB portal. It’s a seamless, proactive way to ensure data accuracy and maintain financial integrity.
150 Point Analysis Engine - 17 Categories

Category 1: Chart of Accounts
Category 2: Accrual Accounting
Category 3: Cash Accounting
Category 4: Chart of Accounts Balance
Category 5: Margin Analysis
Category 6: Revenue Recognition Quality Analysis
Category 7: Balance Sheet Owners Equity
Category 8: Liquidity
Category 9: A/R and A/P
Category 10: Inventory
Category 11: Class and Location Transaction
Category 12: Credit Cards
Category 13: Journal Entry
Category 14: Client Concentration
Category 15: Debt
Category 16: Tax
Category 17: Revenue Sustainability

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Why GAAP Accounting

Compliance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) is essential for businesses to maintain transparency and credibility in financial reporting. It provides consistency in reporting, making it easier for stakeholders to compare financial information across companies. Adhering to GAAP is often a legal requirement, ensuring legal compliance and preventing potential issues. It enhances investor confidence, facilitates access to capital, and supports better decision-making. Overall, GAAP is critical for accurate and reliable financial statements, benefiting both the company and its stakeholders.

What HUB Users Are Saying

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Error Reduction

“By using HUB’s Data Diagnostic, we reduced data entry errors by 75%, saving us an average of $2,500 per month in correction costs.”

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Time Savings

“Our data reconciliation process, which used to take 20 hours per month, is now completed in just 4 hours with HUB’s automated Data Diagnostic, freeing up our team for other critical tasks.”

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Faster Issue Resolution

“HUB’s Data Diagnostic flagged discrepancies in real-time, helping us resolve financial discrepancies 60% faster than before, which positively impacted cash flow.”

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Improved Accuracy

“Thanks to HUB, we achieved 98% data accuracy in our financial reports, reducing costly mistakes and potential compliance penalties.”

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“HUB’s Data Diagnostic feature reduced our annual audit costs by 40% by ensuring our financial data was consistently accurate and readily accessible for auditors.”