HUB Analytics: Pricing

Choose the right package for your financial modeling and forecasting needs.

First Step To Better Financials

Enjoy core financials, the HUB dashboard, and track 2 standard KPIs. Perfect for small businesses who want to step their game up and have growth, expansion, or exit planning on their minds


Empower Your Team

Track additional KPIs, receive profitability  recomendations, and create customized financial statements & data sets with our business plan. Empower your bookkeeper or check their work with HUB joining your team


Maximize Your Potential

HUB’s enterprise subscription is built with complex and large organizations in mind. Provide your managers with QA tools, leverage technology to track KPIs, and perfect your actuals with HUB’s highest levels of integration.

Learn More About Which HUB Package is Right for You

Discover the ideal HUB package tailored to your specific needs by exploring our comprehensive FP&A pricing options. Whether you’re a small team looking for basic financial modeling tools or a large enterprise in need of advanced analytics and collaboration features, we have the perfect package for you.